The table below is a guide to our price structure for salvage site grass trees based on trunk height.  Our bagged trees which have been nursery hardened are roughly 20% more expensive.  Larger single and multiple head trees are priced individually and are available on request or by visiting a replants salvage site.



Pensioner Discounts

Replants offers a 10% discount on tree prices for pensioners. The discount does not apply to delivery and installation charges.  


Delivery prices

  • metro area delivery - $100.00 for one tree or $75 per tree for two trees or more.
  • outside metro area  - $100.00 for one tree or $75 per tree for two trees or more. Plus $110 per hour travelling time.

Installation prices

Full installation is $100 per grass tree up to 1.2m trunk height or $25 less if hole is dug (1m diameter x 0.5m deep)

Installation for larger feature grass trees is POA.

** Cost of delivery is access dependant. Where access is difficult eg; backyards behind walls, pools etc your replants representative will inform you of any additional costs prior to commencing delivery. Installation
*** Cost of installation may vary depending on soil type or obstructions e.g. clay, pipes or rocks.


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